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1937 (m) Australian Crown - Dot below I of Australia Error - About Uncirculated

1937 (m) Australian Crown - Dot below I of Australia Error - About Uncirculated

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A 1937 (m) Australian Crown featuring the Dot below I of Australia error.

After some research on this error, it appears that it was caused "by an obverse die that had a small, pinhead-sized depression in the open field, just beneath the I of Australia, resulting in a raised dot on the coin".
This coin retains tonnes of cartwheel lustre and only minor edge knocks and impact marks from other crowns.
I would grade this coin as About Uncirculated.

This coin will be supplied in a brand new SAFLIP.

As imaged.

Struck from .925 Silver, 38.5mm in diameter, and weighing 28.27 grams. An amazing part of Australia's Pre-decimal coinage.

Approximately 1,008,000 minted in Melbourne, Australia.

In 1937, the crown denomination was introduced into Australian circulation. Brought in to coincide with the Coronation of George VI, this coin was beautiful to look at. It spanned a generous 38.50mm and featured a regal reverse motif: the perfect tribute to a new King. However, as a circulating coin, it fell short.

The crown received a poor reception from the general public, who felt it was simply too bulky for practical everyday use. Minting continued into 1938, but was halted just some months into the new year. The mintage of 1938-dated crowns remained a meagre 101,600.

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