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1927 Florin - Parliament House/Canberra Florin - Extremely Fine *Cleaned*

1927 Florin - Parliament House/Canberra Florin - Extremely Fine *Cleaned*

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Own a Landmark of Australian Coinage: 1927 Canberra Florin

Celebrate a pivotal moment in Australian history with the 1927 Canberra Florin, Australia's first-ever commemorative coin. This stunning sterling silver coin was issued to mark the grand opening of Parliament House on May 9, 1927.

Coin Highlights:

  • Historic Commemorative: Marks the inauguration of Australia's Parliament House.
  • Exquisite Beauty: Widely acclaimed as one of Australia's most beautiful coins, featuring a detailed depiction of Parliament House.
  • Sterling Silver Composition: Crafted from 92.5% pure silver, ensuring enduring value.
  • Extremely Fine Grade: Though this coin has been cleaned at some stage in its history, it retains mint lustre in the obverse and reverse legends.
  • Protective Packaging: Secured in a brand new 2x2 Mylar coin flip.

Detailed Design:

  • Obverse: Features the crowned bust of King George V facing left.
  • Reverse: Showcases a majestic image of Parliament House, adorned with crossed maces and the commemorative date.

This 1927 Canberra Florin is a must-have for any collector passionate about Australian history and beautiful coin design.

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