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1985 50c Coin - Uncirculated

1985 50c Coin - Uncirculated

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1985 Australian 50 Cent Coin: A Rare Find for Collectors

The 1985 Australian 50 cent coin, with its low mintage of only 1 million, is often the elusive missing piece in many 50 cent coin collections. This scarcity is due to both the limited number produced and nearly four decades of circulation wear and tear.

These particular coins, however, defy their age and rarity, boasting brilliant uncirculated condition. They've been preserved meticulously and are now offered in brand new 2x2 Mylar coin flips to ensure their continued pristine state.

Don't miss this opportunity to acquire a true gem for your collection. This 1985 50 cent coin represents not only a significant year in Australian history but also a testament to the enduring value of rare and well-preserved currency.

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