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1985 Royal Australian Mint Set - Environmental Damage

1985 Royal Australian Mint Set - Environmental Damage

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Own a Unique Piece of Australian History with the 1985 Coin Set

This uncirculated set from the Royal Australian Mint features all seven circulating designs. While the 20-cent coin shows signs of unique environmental wear, this adds a touch of history and individuality to the set. The other coins remain in pristine condition.

Key Points:

  • Complete Collection (With a Twist): Includes all seven denominations, with the 20-cent coin offering a fascinating imperfection.
  • Uncirculated Quality: Most coins boast a flawless finish.
  • Original Packaging: Coins are housed in the classic fold-out presentation pack.
  • Honest Appraisal: Description acknowledges the wear for informed collecting decisions.

This set offers a complete collection of Australian currency with a touch of unexpected history.

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