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1999 Silver Proof $1 Coin - The Last Anzacs

1999 Silver Proof $1 Coin - The Last Anzacs

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ANZAC Commemorative $1 Fine Silver Proof Coin: A Tribute in Pure Silver

Honour the courage and sacrifice of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZACs) with this exquisite fine silver proof coin, a sought-after collectible from the Royal Australian Mint (RAM).

Key Features:

  • Limited Mintage: Only 25,000 of these exceptional coins were struck.
  • Proof Quality: The coin's frosted relief design against a mirrored background showcases the intricate details and beauty of the ANZAC tribute.
  • Exceptional Condition: The coin, case, and certificate remain in as-issued condition, with only minor wear to the outer box.
  • Pure Silver Brilliance: Struck in .999 fine silver, this coin is a testament to the RAM's dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

A Treasure for Collectors and History Enthusiasts:

This stunning coin is not only a valuable addition to any collection but also a poignant reminder of the ANZAC legacy. Its unique beauty and limited availability make it a highly sought-after collectible.

Own a piece of history today!

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