2008 Australian Twenty Cent Coin - VARIETY - WAVE GAP

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The 2008 "Wave Gap" Variety.

Though apparently occurring over several mintages from 1966 to 2008, the 2008 variety seems to be most well-known and sought after, after the 1966 "Wave Gap" die marker of the Royal Australian Mint 20 cent coin.

Variety or Error?
As dies have existed with a wave gap since 1966 (Canberra Mint Mark), this in my opinion would constitute a variety. 

Sources indicate that the 2008 Wedding Set all demonstrate the wave gap, perhaps a die mishap?

The "Gap" seems to vary in size, but is evident upon inspection with a no gap variety.

Mintage figures?
Sources indicate roughly a 0.8% to 0.9% of total coins minted (132.9 million 20 cent coins minted in 2008).

My own experience in these finds are certainly scarce. I may find one in $100 of 20 cent coins, or none. Certainly one to add to your variety collection!

All coins have been saved from circulation, and will exhibit their own unique circulation marks as a result.

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20 cent wave gap