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2014 50c Coin - Australia at War - Battle of Cocos

2014 50c Coin - Australia at War - Battle of Cocos

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2014 Australian 50c Coin: Battle of Cocos Islands - A Testament to ANZAC Bravery

Own a piece of Australian naval history with this 2014 50c coin commemorating the Battle of Cocos Islands, a pivotal moment in the "Australia at War" series from the Royal Australian Mint. With a limited mintage of only 27,228, this uncirculated coin is a treasured collector's piece.


  • Battle of Cocos Islands Theme: The coin honours the courage and skill of the HMAS Sydney crew in their victory against the German raider SMS Emden in 1914.
  • Uncirculated Quality: Struck to the Mint's impeccable standards, the coin boasts sharp details and a flawless finish.
  • Informative Card: The coin is presented in a card that vividly recounts the events of the battle and the mutual respect displayed by both sides.

Historical Significance:

This coin commemorates a defining moment in Australian naval history, where the HMAS Sydney's victory solidified Australia's prowess at sea. It also highlights the respect and compassion shown by Australian sailors towards their defeated foes, fostering a lasting legacy of honour and admiration.

Condition Note:

Please note that there might be minor wear on the coin capsule and card due to handling and storage.

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