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2015 50c Coin - Australia at War - War in the Pacific

2015 50c Coin - Australia at War - War in the Pacific

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2015 Australian 50c Coin: Australia at War - War in the Pacific - A Tribute to Courage and Resilience

Own a piece of Australian wartime history with this 2015 50c coin commemorating the War in the Pacific, part of the Royal Australian Mint's "Australia at War" series. This coin pays tribute to the Australian soldiers who fought bravely against the Japanese forces in the Pacific theatre during World War II.


  • War in the Pacific Theme: The coin's design combines elements from various Pacific battles, showcasing the multifaceted nature of this crucial theatre of war.
  • Uncirculated Quality: Struck to the Mint's impeccable standards, the coin boasts sharp details and a pristine finish.
  • Themed Card: The coin is presented in an informative card detailing Australia's involvement in the War in the Pacific, highlighting key battles and the resilience of Australian forces.

Historical Significance:

This coin commemorates a significant chapter in Australia's wartime history, when the nation faced the threat of invasion and fought fiercely to defend its shores. It pays tribute to the courage and sacrifice of Australian soldiers who battled in harsh conditions across the Pacific islands.

Condition Note:

Please note that there might be minor wear on the coin capsule and card due to handling and storage. This does not diminish the historical value and importance of this coin.

Add this poignant piece of Australian history to your collection and honour the brave men and women who served in the War in the Pacific.

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