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2015 50c Coin - Australia at War - Crete

2015 50c Coin - Australia at War - Crete

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This commemorative coin honors the bravery of Australian, British, New Zealand, and Cretan forces who defended Crete against a fierce German assault in 1941. It's part of the Royal Australian Mint's acclaimed "Australia at War" program.

Coin Highlights:

  • Dramatic reverse design: Vividly captures the intensity of the battle for Crete.
  • Historical significance: Commemorates a pivotal WWII battle showcasing Australian courage.
  • Limited mintage (20,052): Enhances collectability.
  • Uncirculated & Carded: Ensures pristine condition.
  • Minor card wear may be present.

The Battle of Crete

Despite facing overwhelming odds and lacking air superiority, Allied forces valiantly fought against a massive German paratrooper invasion. Their sacrifice, while ultimately unsuccessful, inflicted heavy losses on the enemy.

Own a Piece of Australian Military History.

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