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2020 50c - XE Falcon - 60 Years of Supercars

2020 50c - XE Falcon - 60 Years of Supercars

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Celebrate 60 Years of Aussie Supercars with the Ford XE Falcon Coin!

Australia's love for Supercars is a roaring passion, and this 2020 50c coin marks 60 years of iconic racing in the Australian Touring Car Championship. Get ready to relive thrilling rivalries and legendary battles!

The Ford XE Falcon: A Racing Legend

This coin showcases the unforgettable Ford XE Falcon, a symbol of Ford's dominance in Aussie motorsport and a reminder of thrilling on-track battles.

The Evolution of Aussie Racing

  • Discover the ATCC's humble start in 1960.
  • Witness the rise of Aussie-built cars and the legendary Ford-Holden rivalry.
  • Feel the rumble of V8 power that defines Supercars to this day.

Own a Piece of Ford History

This Ford XE Falcon coin is more than just currency; it's a collectible that honors a Supercars icon and Australia's enduring love for the sport. A must-have for any Ford fan!

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