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2021 $2 Coin - 30 Years of the Wiggles - Wags the Dog - Uncirculated

2021 $2 Coin - 30 Years of the Wiggles - Wags the Dog - Uncirculated

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Commemorate 30 Years of Joy with the 2023 Wags the Dog $2 Coin

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Wiggles and their beloved furry friend, Wags the Dog, with this limited-edition $2 coin. With approximately 2 million minted, this uncirculated coin is a must-have for fans of all ages.

Key Features:

  • Limited Edition: Approximately 2 million coins minted.
  • Uncirculated Condition: Sourced directly from a security bag, ensuring pristine condition.
  • Protective Packaging: Each coin comes in a brand new 2x2 coin holder/SAFLIP for safekeeping and display.
  • Joyful Design: Features the iconic Wags the Dog character, capturing the fun and excitement of The Wiggles.
  • Commemorative Tribute: Celebrates 30 years of music, laughter, and learning with The Wiggles.

Please Note: Due to the minting and bagging process, some coins may have minor imperfections, such as marks, dents, or scratches. These are common characteristics of uncirculated coins and add to their unique appeal.

A Treasured Keepsake: Whether you're a lifelong fan or introducing The Wiggles to a new generation, this Wags the Dog coin is a delightful way to commemorate their incredible journey. Add this charming piece to your collection or gift it to a fellow Wiggles enthusiast.

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