Albums and Pages

Here are our recommended options for your coin and banknote collections storage and protection. 

Here at Loose Change Coins, we use the VARIO GIGANT system almost exclusively for stock storage and protection.

This system plays well with others such as the:
  • GRANDE stock pages for coins in 2x2 coin flips,
  • The Renniks Coin Album Plastic Refill Pages,
  • and of course, the Lighthouse VARIO Banknote & Stamp Stock Sheet range.

The OPTIMA System is the only one we stock that isn't compatible with this system. 


Renniks Brand Coin Sheet Sizes:

Renniks Coin Sheet Pocket size Fits coin
CR20 50mm x 50mm
CR30 40mm x 40mm 20c, 50c and Penny
CR42 30mm x 30mm $1 and 10c
CR63 25mm x 25mm $2 and 5c


"The best protection, for your collection"

Protect your investment! and use the best protection for your collection.