Silver Coins


The chemical symbol Ag is from the Latin word for "silver", argentum (compare Ancient Greek ἄργυρος, árgyros), from the Proto-Indo-European root *h₂erǵ- (formerly reconstructed as *arǵ-), meaning "white" or "shining": this was the usual Proto-Indo-European word for the metal, whose reflexes are missing in Germanic and Balto-Slavic.

**PLEASE NOTE** All purchases of gold or silver coins over $100 require ROUTE Shipping Insurance to be paid.

In addition, purchases over a certain amount (determined by Loose Change Coins) and paid for by Credit Card will require a Credit Card Authority form to be completed in addition to Identification and copies of the Credit Card front and back to be provided prior to fulfillment.

This is to ensure compliance with current AUSTRAC requirements (

If you do not wish to comply with these requirements, please purchase using a Buy Now Pay Later provider (such as Afterpay).