Coin/Banknote Storage and Protection

Here are our recommended options (personally tried and tested) for your coin and banknote collections storage and protection. 

"The best protection, for your collection"

For 2x2 coin holders, Loose Change Coins utilises RENNIKS brand where possible, due to the superior (in our humble opinion) adhesive.

For square coin cases, it's QUADRUM INTERCEPT Technology all the way. This unique and scientifically proven technology, will protect your coins for up to 15 years from tarnishing, scratches, and fingerprints in a way other coin cases just can't do.

Protect your investment! and use the best protection for your collection.

Due to the dimensions of these items, and with safe shipping in mind, these items will only be sent via a Parcel Post box.

Rates have been adjusted to ensure that the cheapest rate of Parcel Post options will apply, no matter how many of these you purchase.