Stamp and Coin Show Releases

Stamp and Coin shows/Expo's have been an ongoing staple of the collecting community for decades. Hosted around the nation from Perth to Brisbane and back again, with dealers of coins, stamps, notes and more presenting their wares for the avid collector.

These shows always have special and limited-edition products available commemorating the show, date, and venue. These products are highly coveted by the collecting community are usually extremely limited in numbers and fetch a premium over their standard release counterparts.

Some of the most notable hosts include:

Founded in 1948, APTA is the peak national philatelic trade association in Australia. With world-wide based members, we co-operate with member associations affiliated with the International Federation of Stamp Dealers' Associations (IFSDA) and other philatelic bodies. The Aims of APTA are to develop and maintain a high standard of business ethics, to provide benefits and services to members and to promote the hobby of philately.

The Australasian Numismatic Dealers Association was incorporated in Victoria on 20th December 1995 under the provisions of the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (State of Victoria, Commonwealth of Australia). They have a membership of 62 persons / businesses in Australia and New Zealand.