Online Reference Sites

Thanks to the internet, there is a massive amount of information available on numismatics, notaphily, philately (and just about any other hobby you can imagine).
Below are listed some of the top sites and apps Loose Change Coins uses on a regular basis to locate essential information on many products. 
Using these tools can help assess the potential value of your collection, or to find out key details about that item you have never seen before.


This has to be one of the most comprehensive online resources for coins/medals/medallions and more that I have ever used. It also allows you to create a personal online collection list that includes things such as: cost, date obtained and more.


One of the most important websites I use to determine the value and different varieties of Australian Pre-Decimal coins. Though the torrent of information doesn't stop there! AllCoinValues also list coins from New Zealand, Great Britain, Australian Banknotes and United States of America Coins.


Used in conjunction with AllCoinValues this website is a true gem, with corroborating and supplementing information (and in some cases expanding) on Australian Pre-Decimal coins and their multiple varieties. Most importantly though, it provides an excellent step by step grading system that can be applied with practice to most coins.


Banknote Serial Checker:
This excellent tool can help to determine if you have a rare or special prefix Australian Decimal Paper or Polymer banknote. It currently includes Paper Banknotes dated from 1966 >> 1993, Bicentennial Issue 1998 Polymer Banknotes, and current use Polymer banknotes dated 1992 >> Current year.


Gothic vs. OCR-B:
The first decimal notes were numbered in “Gothic” style, which later changed to
OCR-B style to enable better machine reading of serial numbers. If (like me), you still have difficulty differentiating between the different types of serial numbering (Gothic vs. OCR-B) the below image is available for you to use to hopefully assist in determining the difference.