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2023 ANDA Money Expo $1 Uncirculated 4 Coin Privy Mark Set

2023 ANDA Money Expo $1 Uncirculated 4 Coin Privy Mark Set

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Limit of 20 (twenty) per order due to size and dimensions.

The Royal Australian Mint’s exclusive limited production coin for the Australasian Numismatic Dealers Association (ANDA) 2023 Money Expos will be a $1 Uncirculated Coin set, with four privy marks spelling out ANDA.

These Al-Br coins feature the iconic 'Mob of Roos' on the reverse, which appears to be the only Mob of Roos reverse minted for 2023, with the obverse featuring the interim Effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with the years of her reign 1952-2022.

Supplied in a four coin holder with themed outer sleeve.

Mintage: 15,000
Privy Marks: A, N, D, A

History and Significance:
Since the formation of the Australasian Numismatic Dealers Association – ANDA – in Victoria in 1995, the Royal Australian Mint has provided its support, minting a series of limited-edition collector and enthusiast coins for its regular Money Expo events.

Past products have included silver proof coins, $5 base metal antique coins and $1 base metal counter stamping coins.

Since 2015, the Royal Australian Mint in partnership with ANDA have released a $1 uncirculated coin in base metal, like the standard $1 coin, with the addition of Privy Marks to distinguish them from the millions of other $1 coins in circulation.

Previous Privy Marks have included state floral, bird and animal emblems.

For the 2023 coins, three Privy Marks will spell out ANDA.
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