Loose Change Coins was founded in January, 2019.
We are located in Ipswich, love coin collecting, coin noodling, and aim to share this amazing hobby wherever possible.
We aim for a high level of customer service and happiness, so if there are any issues with a purchase/s you have made, please contact us, and we'll endeavour to resolve things to your satisfaction.
All of our coins are stored in SAFLIPS, 2x2 coin holders, or QUADRUM INTERCEPT cases.
Images presented of most coins are the actual coin for sale, although in the case of Uncirculated coins, Mint Roll/bag coins, or carded coins, we may use images provided by the Royal Australian Mint/Perth Mint, as these are not removed from their roll/bag etc until purchased.
Shipping daily Monday to Friday at around 11am (barring illness or injury).
With Weekend orders in the post Monday.
ABN: 69 042 985 760
Address: P.O Box 19, Redbank, QLD 4301
Email address: Brock@loosechangecoins.com.au