1934/35 Melbourne Centenary Commemorative Florin

The 1934/35 Melbourne Centenary commemorative florin reverse shows a naked rider on a horse, holding a flaming torch.
The legend reads 'CENTENARY VICTORIA MELBOURNE 1934-35', with 'FLORIN' below.
The obverse features the robed and crowned bust of King George V facing left, with the
Many were gifted to clients by Foy & Gibson and included a Foy & Gibson bag.
Minted in Melbourne, Australia with an approximate mintage of 75,000, with 21,000 melted down and 54,000 entering circulation.
Struck on a Sterling Silver (.925) planchet weighing 11.31 grams and with a diameter of 28.5mm.
Great care should be taken when purchasing these coins, as due to their scarcity many counterfeits have been discovered.

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