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1919 Australian Penny - Very Good

1919 Australian Penny - Very Good

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1919 Australian Penny is Considered relatively common for the period.

It was minted in Melbourne & Sydney, Australia with a mintage of approx. 5,810,000 (all variants).

Three primary variations of the 1919 Australian penny have been identified, all relating to mintmarks.

The mintmarks are in the form of dots and are situated either side of the top and bottom scrolls.

  • 'no dots'
  • 'dot below bottom scroll'
  • 'dot above top scroll and below bottom scroll (double dot)'

In addition to these primary varieties, there also exist other varieties in the form of flat or curved based lettering, and tilted numerals in the date.

I would grade each available coin as Very Good.

Each available coin will be in a similar grade.
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