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1953 Australian Florin - Uncirculated with Ink Mark

1953 Australian Florin - Uncirculated with Ink Mark

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The 1953 Florin is considered readily available in low to mid grades with approx. 13,466,000 minted.

It was the first Queen Elizabeth II era Australian Florin.

This year was the first to omit the traditional 'F.D' (Defender of the Faith) inscription from the obverse legend.

This move attracted substantial controversy with groups including 'The United Protestant's Association' and a number of Australian Bishops leading protests against the change.

Commonwealth authorities initially defended their decision arguing that the changes were for simplicity sake and they did not intend to cause any disrespect or make a political message.

It was minted in Melbourne, Australia and is composed of 50% silver, 40% copper, 5% nickel, 5% zinc.

I would grade this example as Uncirculated.

Please note the ink mark on the reverse.

Supplied in a brand new 2x2 Mylar coin flip.

As imaged.
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