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1978 Franklin Mint - 1978 Calendar/Art Medallion - Bronze

1978 Franklin Mint - 1978 Calendar/Art Medallion - Bronze

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The 1978 Franklin Mint Calendar/Art Medal.

The magnificently sculptured design of the 1978 Calendar/Art Medal depicts the huge stone Aztec calendar found today in the National Museum in Mexico City. One of the most famous archaeological objects in the world, the Aztec calendar demonstrates the marvelous mathematical and astronomical skills of this ancient civilization.

Aztec astronomers divided time into 52-year cycles with each year consisting of 365 days. The year was divided into 18 months of 20 days each, totaling 360 days. The five-day period which remained was considered a time of ill omen.

The intricate design of the circular calendar is made up of a series of sculptured rings centered on a likeness of the sun god Tonatiuh. In the innermost of the concentric rings are representations of the four destructions of the world by wild animals, hurricanes, fire and flood. The next ring contains the symbols for each of the 20 days of the month and a band of symbols representing precious jade and turquoise which denoted the color of the heavens. This is surrounded by a ring with the signs of the stars pierced by eight points of the compass. The outer ring contains two fire serpents symbolizing the Year and Time. The sculptured design encircling the modern calendar depicts four of the Aztec symbols representing days of the month-the crocodile, the eagle, the lizard and the snake.

The 1978 Calendar / Art Medal was minted in both sterling silver and bronze. Each medal is 76mm in diameter and is individually oxidized, giving it a special finish which allows handling your medal without damage to the surface.

Please note some discolouration of the outer box and case has occurred with some wear to the box.

As imaged.
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