1989 United States Prestige Proof Set

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In 1983 the US Mint introduced the Prestige Proof Set.

It was a "Special" or "Deluxe" Proof Set that included the 6 regular issue coins (One Cent through to Half Dollar), and then special Commemorative coin(s) were added.

It was issued between 1983 and 1997. (There was no set issued in 1985).

This 1989 Prestige proof set includes seven coins:
  • Lincoln cent
  • Jefferson nickel
  • Roosevelt dime (some toning)
  • Washington quarter (some toning)
  • Kennedy half dollar (some toning)
  • Commemorative Congress Bicentennial Silver dollar (90% Silver)
  • Commemorative Congress Bicentennial clad half dollar (some toning)

The 1989 Bicentennial of Congress Dollar and Half Dollar were the special release coins added to this set.

All coins in this Prestige Proof set were struck at the San Francisco Mint with a final mintage of 211,087.

The coins in the Prestige Proof set are presented in a deluxe plastic lens and displayed in a collector album, with display box and a certificate of authenticity.
The collector album, display box and certificate of authenticity remain in excellent condition.
Please see images for details of toning and overall condition of this set.

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