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1996 $1 Coin - 100th Anniversary of the Death of Sir Henry Parkes

1996 $1 Coin - 100th Anniversary of the Death of Sir Henry Parkes

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1996 Sir Henry Parkes "Father of Federation" $1 Commemorative Coins

These Australian $1 coins honor Sir Henry Parkes, a key figure in the federation of Australia. Despite his late embrace of the concept, his influential Tenterfield speech solidified his place in history.

Collectible Set: This offering includes coins from all five mints with their unique mintmarks:

  • 'A' Adelaide Mintmark (Royal Adelaide Show) - Mintage: 29,127
  • 'B' Brisbane Mintmark (Royal Brisbane Show) - Mintage: 41,128
  • 'C' Canberra Mintmark (Gallery Press MYO) - Mintage: 272,800
  • 'M' Melbourne Mintmark (Royal Melbourne Show) - Mintage: 38,030
  • 'S' Sydney Mintmark (Royal Sydney Show) - Mintage: 72,186


  • Original Coin Cards: All coins are supplied in their original coin cards, enhancing collectible value.
  • Card Condition: Some cards show folding but remain in good, clean condition.
  • Toning: Due to age and storage, some coins may exhibit natural toning, a feature valued by some collectors.

This set is a fascinating piece of Australian history for both seasoned and new coin enthusiasts!

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