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2002 $50 Tri-Metal Proof Coin - XVII Commonwealth Games Manchester

2002 $50 Tri-Metal Proof Coin - XVII Commonwealth Games Manchester

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2002 $50 XVII Commonwealth Games Manchester Tri-Metal Proof Coin

Own a piece of history with this rare tri-metal coin commemorating the 2002 Commonwealth Games. Limited to 5,000 pieces, this numismatic first features a fine gold center, a pure silver inner ring, and a copper outer ring, symbolizing the Olympic medals.

The intricate design showcases Queen Elizabeth II, athletes, and Australian flora. Housed in a velvet case with a Certificate of Authenticity, this coin is in excellent condition and a must-have for collectors. Beyond its numismatic collectability, the coin also holds intrinsic value due to its precious metal content.


  • Coin Centre:
    • Metal: Gold (99.99%)
    • Diameter: 13.10mm
    • Mass: 7.80g
  • Inner Ring:
    • Metal: Silver (99.9%)
    • Diameter: 13.25mm & 26.85mm
    • Mass: 13.39g
  • Outer Ring:
    • Metal: Copper (99.9%)
    • Diameter: 27.00mm & 38.74mm
    • Mass: 15.32g
  • Total Diameter: 38.74mm
  • Total Mass: 36.51g
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