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2004 Royal Australian Mint Uncirculated Coin Set - Come Alive

2004 Royal Australian Mint Uncirculated Coin Set - Come Alive

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Discover the 2004 'Come Alive' Coin Set – A Unique Piece of Australian History

This uncirculated set from the Royal Australian Mint celebrates Australia's iconic wildlife designs and offers a fascinating collectible twist. In 2004, two versions of the same year's coins were released – one with a "flat A" and one with a "pointed A" on the Queen's effigy (also known as the "large head" and "small head" variety).

Key Features:

  • A Collector's Challenge: Both coin variations are included in these sets, adding an element of excitement.
  • Australian Minting History: A snapshot of a unique moment in Australian numismatics.
  • Official and Sealed: Packaged in the original, colorful bubble pack for added collectible value.
  • Excellent Condition: Your set, including the packaging, will be in pristine condition.

With only 67,795 sets produced, this is a sought-after piece for any Australian coin enthusiast.

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