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2006 5c Coin - Uncirculated

2006 5c Coin - Uncirculated

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2006 Australian 5c Coin - Uncirculated

This exquisite 2006 Australian 5c coin boasts an Uncirculated finish, meaning it has never been in circulation and retains its original flawless lustre. With a mintage of 84,207 (Mint Set production numbers), this coin is a collectible piece of Australian currency. This coin was carefully removed from a damaged 2006 Annual Mint Set. For added protection, it comes housed in a secure 2x2 Mylar Coin Flip.

Key Features:

  • Uncirculated Condition: Pristine, never circulated condition with a flawless, original shine.
  • Mintage: 84,207
  • Unique Origin: Removed from a damaged 2006 Annual Mint Set.
  • Protective Packaging: Securely housed in a 2x2 Mylar Coin Flip.

This coin would be a valuable addition to any collection of Australian coins or a thoughtful gift for a numismatic enthusiast.

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