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2011 $1 Coin - Inspirational Australians - Dame Joan Sutherland

2011 $1 Coin - Inspirational Australians - Dame Joan Sutherland

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Celebrate Dame Joan Sutherland with the Inspirational Australians Coin

  • Inaugural Release: Own the first coin in the exciting "Inspirational Australians" series from the Royal Australian Mint.
  • Honors a Legend: Commemorates the extraordinary life and achievements of iconic opera singer Dame Joan Sutherland.
  • Limited Mintage: With only 24,951 coins minted, this release is highly collectible.
  • Australian Legal Tender: Officially recognized as $1 currency.

About Dame Joan Sutherland

Dame Joan Sutherland was a renowned Australian opera singer whose incredible talent and dedication made her a global icon. This commemorative coin pays tribute to her legacy and her lasting impact on the world of music.

Please Note: Cards may have minor wear, but the coin itself is in uncirculated condition.

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