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2013 $1 Coin - 200 years of The The Benevolent Society

2013 $1 Coin - 200 years of The The Benevolent Society

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Celebrate 200 Years of The Benevolent Society

Australia's first charity, The Benevolent Society, was founded in May 1813 by banker and newspaper editor Edward Smith Hall. Throughout its 200-year history, the Society has provided vital support to millions of Australians.

  • Significant Achievements: The Society has pioneered free maternity care, legal aid, campaigned against child labour, and advocated for the introduction of the old-age pension.
  • Commemorative Coin: This one-dollar coin features a modern interpretation of the Society's original logo, marking this incredible milestone.
  • Presentation Card: The coin is beautifully presented on a card.

Mintage: 16,002 Minor wear to card.

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