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2013 $1 Coin - 40th Anniversary of The Sydney Opera House

2013 $1 Coin - 40th Anniversary of The Sydney Opera House

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Celebrate the Sydney Opera House: A Global Icon

This special coin commemorates the iconic Sydney Opera House, a UNESCO World Heritage masterpiece and one of the world's most celebrated cultural destinations.

  • Architectural Marvel: The coin design showcases the Opera House's distinctive vaulted sails, highlighting its unique architectural beauty.
  • Global Significance: Recognizes the Opera House's status as a UNESCO World Heritage site and a symbol of Australia's creative spirit.
  • Collectible Presentation: The uncirculated coin is beautifully presented in a blister and housed in a printed presentation card.

Mintage: 15,000 Minor wear to card.

Own a piece of architectural history and celebrate the enduring legacy of the Sydney Opera House!

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