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2013 Perth Mint PNC - Bush Babies - Platypus

2013 Perth Mint PNC - Bush Babies - Platypus

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2013 Issue 11

2013 Perth Mint PNC - Bush Babies - Platypus

The Bush Babies II - Platypus aluminium-bronze dollar coin and a $4.65 Australian stamp were jointly issued by Australia Post and the Perth Mint.

The coin is mounted on a colourful see-both-sides card and housed in a souvenir envelope. The accompanying $4.65 Australia Post stamp is cancelled with a specially prepared Freshwater Qld 4870 postmark dated 4 June 2013.

The coin and stamp both feature the platypus. Unique to Australia, the platypus lives beside freshwater rivers and lakes, where it creates burrows for shelter and protection. The coin's reverse depicts an image capturing the innocence of the baby platypus. As well as the Perth Mint's 'P' mintmark, the design features an Australian insect and delicately frosted representations of Australian bush flowers.

All PNC's remain in excellent condition, with only minor wear.
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