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2016 $1 Coin - Mob of Boxing Kangaroos - Coloured Uncirculated Coin - Swimming

2016 $1 Coin - Mob of Boxing Kangaroos - Coloured Uncirculated Coin - Swimming

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As part of the Royal Australian Mint 2016 Australian Olympic Team Coin Program the patriotic ‘mob of boxing kangaroos’ will represent in a way we haven’t seen them before. Packaged in a bezel with ribbon attached and available on three different Coin Program ambassador cards these coins can be worn with pride like a special Olympic medal.

The image of a red-gloved golden kangaroo on a green background originally became an Australian icon when the Boxing Kangaroo flag was flown as a battle flag on our America’s Cup winning yacht Australia II in 1983. The Boxing Kangaroo quickly became recognisable worldwide as a symbol of the Australian fighting spirit. Today it remains a powerfully emotive rallying point for Australian sporting pride.

Becoming the official mascot for the Australian Olympic Team in 1993 this image has become familiar to all Australians as the symbol of sport and fair play in schools around the country.

The colourful design is also a playful take on Stuart Devlin’s much-loved 1984 ‘mob of roos’ design that we see today on Australia’s $1 coin. Olympic swimmer and coin program ambassador Tom Fraser-Holmes features on the packaging card sharing his stories for the road to Rio.

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