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2021 Australian $2 Coin - Indigenous Military Service - Uncirculated

2021 Australian $2 Coin - Indigenous Military Service - Uncirculated

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Commemorate the Courage of Indigenous Australian Servicemembers

This striking $2 commemorative coin honours the enduring legacy of Indigenous Australians who have bravely served in the nation's defense forces. From the Boer War to Afghanistan, their contributions have been vital.

Key Features:

  • Official Australian Legal Tender: Minted by the Royal Australian Mint, Canberra.
  • Eye-Catching Design: Inspired by Chern'ee Sutton's "Indigenous Military Service" artwork.
  • Collector's Essential: A limited-edition tribute to Indigenous Australian service.
  • Protective 2x2 SAFLIP: Ensures your coin's quality.

Important Note: Due to the minting process, each coin may display unique marks/dents/scratches/paint chips.

Let this coin serve as a lasting reminder of the sacrifices and valour of Indigenous Australian servicemembers.

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