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2023 Myths and Legends King Arthur UK £2 1oz Silver Proof Coin

2023 Myths and Legends King Arthur UK £2 1oz Silver Proof Coin

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  • The latest coin in The Royal Mint’s collection dedicated to British myths and legends
  • Honours one of the most legendary figures in British mythology - King Arthur
  • The design portrays King Arthur in a pose of regal strength, sat astride a horse clasping his legendary sword, Excalibur
  • Struck from 1oz of 99.90% Silver to Proof quality
  • Limited mintage of 2,500 coins worldwide!
  • Complemented by beautifully designed and informative packaging

As an iconic figure within the canon of British mythology, King Arthur has piqued the imagination of readers and audiences throughout the world.

Arthur is the son of Uther Pendragon, conceived via the magical trickery of Merlin, and the legend stems from early medieval Welsh chronicles from the ninth and tenth centuries. Over time, as the legend has grown, the narrative of Arthur and his deeds have undergone various reinterpretations, including portrayals of the figure as a fierce warlord, a wise king, and a noble knight and leader. The various interpretations of the legend by authors in the Middle Ages has created an air of ambivalence surrounding the myth, which perpetuates its popularity to this very day.

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