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1998 $1 Coin - 100th Anniversary of Howard Florey

1998 $1 Coin - 100th Anniversary of Howard Florey

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"Born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1898 Howard Florey is famously known as perhaps Australia's greatest ever scientist and having shared in the discovery of the antibiotic penicillin with Ernst Chain and Alexander Fleming. In fact, he shared the Nobel Prize for Medicine with these gentlemen in 1945 for the discovery and extraction of penicillin."

The details of each coin are as follows:

1998 "A" Adelaide mint mark, Mintage: 21,110 (Adelaide ANDA Show)
Catalogue Value: $20.00

1998 "B" Brisbane mint mark, Mintage: 29,532 (Brisbane ANDA Show)
Catalogue Value: $20.00

1998 "C" Canberra mint mark, Mintage: 217,156 (Canberra ANDA Show)
Catalogue Value: $12.00

1998 "M" Melbourne mint mark, Mintage: 21,809 (Melbourne ANDA Show)
Catalogue Value: $20.00

1998 "S" Sydney mint mark, Mintage: 44,070 (Sydney ANDA Show)
Catalogue Value: $20.00

Supplied in the original coin cards.

Some cards have been folded, but all remain in good clean condition, some toning may be present.
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