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2023 Big Lobster Postal Numismatic Cover

2023 Big Lobster Postal Numismatic Cover

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PNC Issue: 2023 Issue 13, limited to 6,500

Contains Big Lobster Royal Australian Mint $1 uncirculated coin.

This postal numismatic cover celebrates Aussie Big Things as part of Collecting Month 2023 and features the Big Lobster $1 coin.

He’s known as ‘Larry the Lobster’ and this gigantic crustacean towers over visitors at 17m tall. Originally conceived by a local fisherman, the Big Lobster has been attracting tourists to its home in Kingston SE, South Australia for decades.

Aussie Big Things is a celebration of the great Australian road trip. And with more than 200 of these massive landmarks scattered across the country, tourists and locals are propelled to ‘tick off’ the Big Things as they drive throughout Australia. How many have you seen?

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