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QUADRUM Intercept Box SL 50 for 50 Graded Coin Slabs (PCGS/NGC)

QUADRUM Intercept Box SL 50 for 50 Graded Coin Slabs (PCGS/NGC)

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Interior lined with the INTERCEPT® material, the box will protect your coins active against oxidation.

Fits 50 Coin Slabs (EVERSLAB QUICKSLAB, PCGS, NGC, etc.).

Suitable for coins and medals made of copper, gold, silver, brass, etc.

Finished Size: 321x152x97mm.

The operation of the INTERCEPT® box based on the patented more than 30 years INTERCEPT® technology: The copper particles contained in the material bind corrosive gases permanently and create in the shortest possible time a neutralized atmosphere, the coins and paper before starting protects (up to 15 years of guaranteed protection!).
The effect has been demonstrated, inter alia, according to the established standards DIN, EN, ISO and ASTM.

To extend the duration of action of Intercept Box over 15 years to come, it is recommended to close the box immediately after use and avoid frequent opening.
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