The 50th anniversary of Decimal Currency

On the 14th of February 1966, the changeover to decimal currency transformed the nation. As a tribute to Australia's coinage history, each coin features designs from today and from the Australian pre-decimal era. The annual tradition of Australian Proof & Uncirculated years coin set continued in 2016, commemorating the Golden Anniversary of decimal currency.

The following obverse designs depict a small effigy of Queen Elizabeth II and various pre-decimal designs and are presented on each denomination from this release.

5¢ = Penny (1937-1964)
10¢ = Threepence (1937-1964) 
20¢ = Sixpence (1910 -1963) 
50¢ = Shilling (1937-1963) 
$1 = Florin (1937-1963)
$2 = Crown (1937-1938)