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2007 APEC Australia $1 Al-Br Coin Pack

2007 APEC Australia $1 Al-Br Coin Pack

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  • Struck for the 2007 APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) meeting in Sydney
  • Issued by the Royal Australian Mint ‐ Australian legal tender
  • A one-year-only type, critical for a complete collection
  • Presented in a stylish, informative card
  • Secure yours today in strictly Uncirculated condition!

The APEC Australia 2007 $1 coin is instantly recognisable, thanks to its striking reverse design. Issued to honour the organisation's 2007 meeting, held in Sydney, the design incorporates the meeting's official logo of three concentric, seven-pointed stars. Not only is it an appealing coin to look at, the APEC Australia 2007 $1 is a must-have for all decimal collectors. Why? It's a one-year-only type, making it crucial for a complete collection.

Struck in not unreasonable numbers, there is a chance that this $1 commemorative coin will surface in change. However, with over a decade's circulation since release, you won't find it in the Uncirculated condition seen here! That's what makes this opportunity so crucial. Keep your collection complete ‐ and secure this one-year-only type in stunning Uncirculated.

Each APEC Australia 2007 $1 is elegantly presented in an informative, credit card-style pack for easy storage and display.

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