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1977 UK Proof Annual 7 Coin Set - Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

1977 UK Proof Annual 7 Coin Set - Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

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The official Royal Mint proof set of the coinage of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Limited edition UK proof annual set for the year 1977, featuring seven Royal Mint base metal coins.

This set contains the Silver Jubilee Crown. Marking 25 years since Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne, the 1977 Crown shows an equestrian portrait of the Queen, wearing a guards uniform to the obverse, with a design entered on implements used during a royal coronation ceremony including an eagle-shaped ampulla and the ceremonial anointing spoon. This design is surmounted by a crown and surrounded by a floral motif.

Coins in Set

  • 1977 Elizabeth II Proof Crown (193,000 minted)
  • 1977 Elizabeth II Proof Fifty Pence
  • 1977 Elizabeth II Proof Ten Pence
  • 1977 Elizabeth II Proof Five Pence
  • 1977 Elizabeth II Proof Two Pence
  • 1977 Elizabeth II Proof One Pence
  • 1977 Elizabeth II Proof Halfpenny


Seven coins, all struck to proof standard. Standard alloys, mass and diameter for time period.


Offered in double sided clear plastic case, obverse and reverse both visible. The set is presented in a coloured card envelope.

The coins in this set remain as issued with no visible toning.

Remains in good condition.
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