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1989 Royal Australian Mint Proof Coin Set - Kangaroo Sunset

1989 Royal Australian Mint Proof Coin Set - Kangaroo Sunset

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Capture the Spirit of Australia with the 1989 'Kangaroo at Sunset' Proof Set

This stunning proof set from the Royal Australian Mint celebrates iconic Australian imagery with a beautiful presentation case featuring a kangaroo silhouetted against a vibrant sunset. It includes eight flawlessly struck coins, showcasing the nation's circulating designs, including the $2 coin.

Key Features:

  • Quintessential Australia: The kangaroo design evokes a strong sense of national identity.
  • Proof Perfection: Each coin boasts a breathtaking mirror-like finish and intricate details.
  • Complete Collection: Includes all eight circulating Australian denominations.
  • Excellent Condition: Your set will arrive in pristine condition.

This set is perfect for collectors, those who love Australia, and anyone seeking a timeless piece of numismatic art.

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