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2005 Perth Mint - Australia's Sovereigns with 2005 $25 Proof Sovereign

2005 Perth Mint - Australia's Sovereigns with 2005 $25 Proof Sovereign

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Celebrate a Historic Milestone with "Australia's Sovereigns" – Own a Piece of Numismatic History

Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Australia's First Sovereign

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Australia's gold coinage with "Australia's Sovereigns", a captivating book by renowned numismatist Andrew Crellin, published by the prestigious Perth Mint. This exquisite hardcover edition, while showing some minor wear, not only chronicles the fascinating story of Australian sovereigns but also houses a stunning 2005 Gold $25 Proof Coin within its very cover.

Key Features:

  • Pure Gold Treasure: 2005 Gold $25 Proof Coin (Diameter: 22.00mm, Weight: 7.9881g, Purity: 91.67%) meticulously embedded in the book's cover and securely housed in its protective capsule.
  • Images Showcase Encapsulated Coin: Photographs capture the beauty of the coin while it remains safely within its capsule.
  • Limited Edition Masterpiece: Only 3,909 copies exist, making this a true collector's gem.
  • Historical Significance: Coin replicates the original 1855 "Type I" Sydney Mint sovereign, Australia's first.
  • Expert Insights: Andrew Crellin delves into the designs, mints, and history of Australian sovereigns.
  • Visual Feast: Beautiful illustrations and valuable collector tips.
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Guarantees the genuine nature of your coin.
  • Protective Dust Cover: Preserves your investment.

Don't miss this rare chance to own a piece of Australian numismatic history, where captivating storytelling meets precious metal. This copy shows some minor wear, adding to its unique character. Secure your copy of "Australia's Sovereigns" today – a timeless treasure for discerning collectors.

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