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2009 $1 Coin - 60 Years of Australian Citizenship

2009 $1 Coin - 60 Years of Australian Citizenship

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2009 Australian Citizenship 60th Anniversary Commemorative Coin

In 2009, Australia celebrated the 60th anniversary of Australian citizenship with this special commemorative coin. The design symbolizes the unity, diversity, celebration, commitment, and pride that define modern Australia.

The coin's seven figures represent the seven men from different countries who became Australian citizens sixty years ago.

Available Versions:

  • 2009 (B) Brisbane Privymark: Mintage of 35,847 (General Sale & Brisbane ANDA Show)
  • 2009 (C) Canberra Mintmark: Mintage of 154,103 (Gallery Press, General Sale & Brisbane ANDA Show)
  • 2009 (M) Melbourne Privymark: Mintage of 36,763 (General Sale)
  • 2009 (S) Sydney Privymark: Mintage of 38,202 (General Sale)


The coins remain in excellent, lustrous condition and are presented in their original flat, clean coin cards. Some minor toning may be present.

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