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2015 ANZACS Remembered Coin Collection - 14 Coin Set

2015 ANZACS Remembered Coin Collection - 14 Coin Set

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Honour the legacy of World War I with the 2015 ANZACs Remembered Coin Collection, a poignant tribute to the ANZAC spirit. This unique set of fourteen 20-cent coins, meticulously crafted by the Royal Australian Mint, captures the essence of Australia's wartime experience through powerful images sourced from the Australian War Memorial archives.

Each coin in this collection tells a story, highlighting significant themes such as:

  • Mateship: The unbreakable bonds forged between soldiers in the face of adversity.
  • The Light Horsemen: The legendary mounted soldiers who played a crucial role in the war effort.
  • The Home Front: The unwavering support and sacrifices made by those who remained in Australia.
  • The Royal Australian Navy: The brave sailors who patrolled the seas and defended their nation.
  • Remembrance Day: The solemn occasion dedicated to honoring the fallen.
  • Nurses: The compassionate caregivers who tended to the wounded and dying.
  • Wartime Animals: The loyal companions who served alongside soldiers and provided comfort.
  • The Last Post: The haunting bugle call that signals the end of the day and pays tribute to the departed.
  • War Correspondents: The journalists who risked their lives to report the truth from the front lines.
  • The Australian Flying Corps: The skilled pilots who took to the skies in daring aerial battles.
  • The Australian Imperial Force: The brave soldiers who fought with distinction on foreign soil.
  • The Unknown Soldier: The symbolic representation of all those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
  • The Gallipoli Landing: The pivotal moment in Australian history that forged a national identity.

Your Collection Includes:

  • Fourteen beautifully crafted coins: Each coin is a work of art, capturing the emotion and significance of its respective theme.
  • Presentation cards with historical context: Informative cards provide background information and insights into the stories behind each coin.
  • Protective display folder: A sturdy folder keeps your collection safe and organized, allowing you to showcase these treasured coins with pride.


The presentation folder is in pristine, as-issued condition, ensuring the long-term preservation of your collection. The cards may exhibit signs of age, such as creases or wear, due to long-term storage, adding a touch of authenticity to this historical set.

This ANZACs Remembered Coin Collection is more than just a set of coins; it's a tangible connection to Australia's past, a tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of those who served, and a reminder of the enduring spirit of the ANZACs.

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