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2022 Royal Tudor Beasts - The Lion of England - £2 1oz Silver Proof Coin

2022 Royal Tudor Beasts - The Lion of England - £2 1oz Silver Proof Coin

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  • The second coin in a series celebrating the powerful Tudor dynasty
  • Features the Lion of England – the oldest and most iconic of the Royal Beasts
  • The majestic reverse design was created by the artist and illustrator David Lawrence
  • This coin comes struck to Proof standard from 1oz of silver
  • Includes packaging that explores the story of the lion and the different design elements of the heraldic Royal Beasts
  • Created in collaboration with the experts at Historic Royal Palaces

The Royal Mint is commemorating the ten heraldic Royal Beasts that line the Moat Bridge of Hampton Court Palace. Created at the behest of Henry VIII, the beasts symbolised the legitimacy of the king’s rule by portraying his regal ancestry. The first coin in the series featured the Seymour Panther and now the collection continues with a coin celebrating the Lion of England.

The Lion of England is one of the oldest and most iconic beasts in heraldry. It first appeared on royal emblems in the twelfth century and has been part of the shield of England for as long as it has existed. Chosen to represent pride and courage, the Lion of England on the Moat Bridge at Hampton Court Palace holds a shield bearing the impaled – or combined – arms of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour, symbolising the strength of the couple’s union.

Struck from 1oz of silver with a proof finish, this coin features a depiction of the Lion of England that is as fearsome as the original stone beast itself. Snarling with sharp claws and an impressive mane topped with a royal crown, it truly is the 'king of the beasts' - act now!

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