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2024 $2 Tooth Fairy & 2023 ANDA Money Expo Set Commemorative Coin Bundle

2024 $2 Tooth Fairy & 2023 ANDA Money Expo Set Commemorative Coin Bundle

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2023 ANDA Money Expo Set & Tooth Fairy Commemorative Coin Bundle

A treasure trove for numismatic enthusiasts and a magical gift for youngsters, this bundle celebrates the rich tradition of Australian coin collecting and the whimsical joy of the Tooth Fairy.

ANDA Money Expo Set:

  • Exclusive Collection: Own a piece of numismatic history with this limited-edition four-coin set, created to commemorate the 2023 ANDA Money Expos.
  • Unique Privy Marks: Each coin bears a letter privy mark, spelling "ANDA," a distinct characteristic of this collection.
  • Iconic Design: The only 2023 $1 coin featuring the beloved "Mob of Roos" reverse, a symbol of Australia's unique wildlife.
  • Memorial Obverse: The interim effigy of Queen Elizabeth II graces the obverse, honouring her remarkable reign (1952-2022).
  • Collectible Presentation: The set comes in a specially designed outer sleeve with a four-coin holder, perfect for display.
  • Limited Mintage: Only 15,000 sets were produced, adding to its rarity and desirability.

Tooth Fairy Commemorative Coin:

  • Playful Design: A delightful fairy sitting on a mushroom adorns the card, capturing the enchantment of the Tooth Fairy tradition.
  • King Charles III Obverse: The coin features the effigy of His Majesty King Charles III, designed by Dan Thorne, a symbol of continuity and heritage.
  • Australian Legal Tender: A genuine Australian coin, perfect for commemorating a special milestone.
  • Compact Presentation: The coin comes in a beautifully illustrated card, ideal for gifting or keeping as a memento.

Historical Significance:

  • Celebrating Numismatic Tradition: The Royal Australian Mint's collaboration with the Australasian Numismatic Dealers Association (ANDA) reflects a commitment to fostering coin collecting and preserving its history.
  • Tooth Fairy Magic: This coin honors a cherished Australian tradition that has delighted children for generations.

This bundle offers a unique opportunity to own a limited-edition collectible and a charming keepsake, representing the best of Australian numismatic art and folklore.

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