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The Essential Reference Guide to Postal Numismatic Covers

The Essential Reference Guide to Postal Numismatic Covers

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The Essential Reference Guide to Postal Numismatic Covers by Greg McDonald Publishing.

While a number of past and present PNC issues trade at prices way beyond issue price, they are outnumbered by the many issues that struggle to find a home. I don’t believe this is due to a lack of interest by collectors, but more to do with confusion and loss of direction.

There is no doubt that over the years, the collecting of PNC’s has become incredibly complex. It’s like having an expensive camera but no manual.

The aim of this book is to help collectors catalogue what they already have and identify similar issues that are missing from their collections - and that’s a good thing for both collectors and dealers.

  • Over 700 variations fully attributed & categorized
  • 525 plus pages
  • 2,500 plus full colour images
  • We have secured the services of Steve Ross, acknowledged expert on PNCs
  • Comprehensive technical data that will be of interest to both coin & stamp enthusiasts
  • Historical background and commentary on all issues celebrating our past, present and future achievements
  • The services of long term collectors & active dealers have contributed to pricing Introducing Australia’s first book dedicated to Australian Postal Numismatic Covers [PNCs]
  • The release of this book will mark the 40th publication anniversary of our first book back in 1983
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