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2000 Sydney Olympics - Coin and Medallion Set - Aquatics

2000 Sydney Olympics - Coin and Medallion Set - Aquatics

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Between 1997 and 2000, the Perth Mint and Royal Australian Mint produced the official coins and medallions for the Sydney 2000 Games.

Included in their range was a series of 'The Sydney 2000 Sports Coin and Medallion Set' that retailed individually for AUD$24.95.

These comprised a $5 coin and limited edition medallion with coloured design featuring one of ten Olympic sports (aquatics, athletics, baseball, basketball, cycling, equestrian, football, gymnastics, hockey and tennis) and one of three Sydney Olympic mascots. 

This particular example illustrates Aquatics and the Sydney mascot, 'Syd'. 

The medals were struck on bronze blanks, made for minting legal tender Olympic coins, and were decorated through a new colour-minting process.

According to the International Olympic Memorabilia Federation - an official body that monitors the production and distribution of Olympic souvenirs - there are two, distinct types of Olympic mementos: those bearing the official IOC, NOC or OCOG marks, and those by-products of the Games. The Official Commemorative Medal is an official SOCOG souvenir.

Each set remains in excellent condition.
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